Keliki Village

Keliki is uniquely situated the cultural heart of the traditional villages and is also the vivacious artist’s centre of Bali’s miniature painters. Its people are friendly and by walking around the village you will soon experience the colour, serenity and beauty of everyday Balinese life in its unspoiled rural setting. You can learn about the history of this village, the make up of the Balinese compounds, and participate in activities, such as offering making, that are part the daily Balinese life. Meet the artists, and participate in a painting session, learn the secrets of Balinese cooking over a wood fired oven in Dewa and Jeru’s now famed traditional cooking course, and experience the life of the village firsthand. Travel across the island for half day and full day trips, organised and guided by Alam Sari.

Complimentary Village Tour

Take Alam Sari’s famous village tour! Walk down village lanes through a rural landscape, past village temples and around the rice paddies with one of our guides.

You will visit a traditional Balinese compound and meet a Balinese family and learn first hand about the Balinese Hindu philosophy of balance and harmony.

For those who have come to Bali to be immersed in the culture and history of this amazing island, this is a must do experience and is at the heart of Alam Sari's vision for it's guests.

Traditional Village Cooking Course

Visit the home of Dewa and Jeru, to participate in preparing and cooking a range of Balinese dishes, using local ingredients and spices, over a traditional wood fired oven. Dewa will explain local philosophies about food sharing unique insights into the culture of the Balinese as you pound, grind and chop ingredients.

You will finish your cooking course with a delicious meal served in a home setting inside the Balinese compound. High standards of hygiene and food preparation in a local village setting make this a unique and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Village Workshops: From Garden to Table

Join our workshops hosted by Balinese families in their homes, and learn firsthand the process from start to finish of local produce.

  • Coffee Bean to Cup
  • Cocoa Bean to Chocolate
  • Coconut to Cooking Oil

These activities are especially great for families and anyone who wants to see how the Balinese live their village lives as well as how the culture of Bali has remained the same and been passed down through the generations.

Keliki-Style Painting Course

Join local master painter Ida Bagus to learn how to make beautiful pictures of daily life and depictions of the supernatural in the famed Keliki style. Ida Bagus and his students will guide you as you sketch out and paint your own.

Leave with a greater appreciation for how to silence your mind and focus on process. Bring something that you painted home to show your family and friends. No experience necessary! 

Guided Nature walks

Join one of our Alam Sari guides to learn about the crops, groves of trees and garden herbs that surround you throughout and around the village of Keliki. We have pioneered our own nature walk guided by Alam Sari staff from the local villages, which takes in an amazing variety of scenery and bird life in the surrounding area. The walk will take you through local gardens to see the produce grown and used in Balinese kitchens.

Learn about annual harvest cycles and how villagers practice worship for the local deity of rice, Dewi Sri. Take a journey through the local ingredients used by households and the medicinal remedies prescribed by local healers on a daily basis. Experience all this on a hike through the natural surroundings of Keliki and stunning panoramas that surround this special place in the hills. 

Supporting the Local Community

Most of our staff is from Keliki or nearby villages that surround Alam Sari. We are proud to work with Keliki to promote their crafts and skills. Cooperation with the village extends to the village walk where guests are privileged to visit a Balinese home and also see firsthand the beautiful miniature art work for which Keliki is famous.

These exquisite paintings can be purchased by guests direct from the artist at very reasonable prices. Alam Sari also supports the local schools and is happy to arrange visits and donations for much needed equipment and books.